Ireland: One Island, No Borders

image (1)Ireland is a place of mystical, enduring appeal for many, including the millions of Americans who claim its heritage—over one-sixth the current US population, according to the last census. This unique collaboration between Gerry Adams, the renowned leader of Sinn Fein, and Elizabeth Billups, a Santa Fe-based photographer and activist, reveals the Ireland not always seen in guidebooks, as well as a side of Adams not usually captured in the news.

Ireland: One Island, No Borders presents the country as seen through the eyes of one of its most famous and passionate sons, and an equally passionate American of Irish ancestry. Adams shares personal anecdotes and family stories along with relevant historical details, legends, and myths, complemented by Billups’ photographs of their favorite places throughout the country, and her impressions culled from many visits. Although he does not focus on politics, Adams’s discussion of his participation in the historic Good Friday Peace Agreement adds an important dimension to the text.

While there have been a number of illustrated books on Ireland, what makes this book unique is the fact that Gerry Adams has written over a dozen titles, but never one on Ireland itself and his deep love for his country, as opposed to his political vision for its future. Looking at this gorgeously produced volume and reading his text will make any reader understand why he fought so long and so hard for peace – and why so many people the world over share his great love of Ireland.

5 thoughts on “Ireland: One Island, No Borders

  1. Wonderful web site. Magical book. I believe in green water, now. Readers will travel easily into the beauty of Ireland, her people and the culture. Thanks for writing the book, rare and intimate photographs. I am so glad I can read it whenever I want a touch of luscious country.


  2. What a beautiful healing, soulful celebration, and a magnificent milestone in the history of this gorgeous country and inspiring people you’ve showcased in this exceptional book! You have always amazed me as a true “natural” photographer — she just started taking spectacular photos the first moment she picked up a camera, folks! — and you’ve captured the flavor of this wonderful island and people and brought it back full-on to the forefront of our awareness and enjoyment, reminding us so satisfyingly why it’s the global keeper of the warm heart and hearth and our romantic, mystical magic. The text, both yours and Gerry’s, so beautifully outline, spotlight, and honor Ireland’s place in humanity’s freedom-seeking historical saga, and bring to life not only the passion and courage, but the cozy sweetness of life, as its deep and political and historical narrative settles into peace. Brava!, my friend… and thank you for yet another deep and heartfelt contribution.


  3. I would like to reconnect with Elizabeth Billups. I knew her twenty years ago when she supported my business at The SantaFacial Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My husband and I were good friends with her, but we had to leave our home and my practice to come to Florida to meet family obligations. Now our business in Florida is complete and we are returning to Santa Fe to retire. We have been following her awesome accomplishments having to do with her book, “Ireland: One Island, No Borders”, And are extremely proud of her accomplishments. We want to hook up up with her in November 2016 for a reunion.


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